Corinne O’Halloran, the “queen” of referrals, her clients love to pass her on to their friends and family. Simply the best is what we hear at KMO, especially from first-time homebuyers. A calm demeanor and engaging smile, coupled with a deep knowledge and understanding of real estate, provides a comfortable client experience.
Corinne believes, “Under Promise and Over Deliver” epitomizes what she practices, always giving the straight scoop, never promising what one cannot control, delivering the ultimate in service, always with a warm smile.
Married to Darren, with children Lauren and Logan, they are the “do-all” residential experts of the KMO team. Corinne’s areas of expertise are residential sales, consulting, and Property Management. As a Graduate of the Realtor Institute, an Oregon State University grad, and 22 years in the real estate business, she knows real estate and has the contacts for successful real estate results.