Property Management Services

KMO offers property management services for:

KMO offers personalized and professional Property Management Services for both residential and commercial properties.

Our specialty is in the East Metro communities of Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview, Sandy and rural Clackamas County. KMO investment property management comes with over 40 years experience in tis senior Brokers.

On the residential side, services are offered for singles homes up to ten-unit plex/attached properties. On the commercial side, KMO services are available for single and multi-tenant properties.


Protection of an investment by ensuring regular maintenance and attention to property condition maintains property value in line with the marketplace. Good tenant relations ensure tenants are advising management of issues and as needed, inspections are scheduled.

Quality placement and supervision of tenants brings stability in investment income. For residential, we use the complete set of Multifamily NW forms, from application through rental agreements and statutory forms covering tenant/landlord regulations. On the commercial side we use leasing and related forms provided by the Commercial Association of Brokers, Portland and Southwest Washington. Transunion is used for credit reports accompanied by careful screening of each component of a tenant’s application. For commercial applicants a full set of financial reports are requested.

Selecting maintenance contractors who offer expertise with attention to economical and efficient modes of repairs and upgrades minimizes expenses while maintaining a property’s maximum value. We use only licensed and insured independent contractors.

Regular contact with owners on property issues, whether maintenance or tenant related, results in efficient working relationships. We begin with personal discussion of the property and an owner’s expectations, followed by a property tour and review of rental agreements if such are in place. With a full understanding of the property, evaluations and recommendations are provided to owner.


Property management is a specialty field in which we have 30 years of experience. Our property management offers property evaluation from rates, tenant appeal, maintenance and safety aspects. As members of MultiFamily NW, we stay abreast of the latest in management issues, forms and legal requirements. We use the most current forms from MultiFamily NW, an Association that promotes quality rental housing. Applications are thoroughly vetted. Owner and management philosophy is discussed and agreed upon in setting up properties to meet good management principles, appropriate maintenance and repair practices. The KMO Property Management Agreement sets forth the specifics of a property owner’s needs, and how funds will be handled and disbursed. Monthly financial reports are provided to owner. KMO management service includes notices to tenants as needed in maintaining observance of rental agreement terms.


Management of commercial buildings complements the leasing activities performed by KMO. Our commercial management staff understands good tenant relationships, balanced with attention to landlord expectations for income and expenses. We limit our services to the East County area so we can be readily available in building maintenance and repairs. Whether it’s a 3-story, elevator-served building, or a stand-alone one-story building, we have systems knowledge and resources. As in all our work, consistent communication is the key to successful management.


Association management services for planned unit development and condominiums has been offered by KMO since 1996. KMO’s role is to work collaboratively with Association leadership (Boards of Directors) to ensure optimum property values for the Association members through enforcement of the Association’s governing and binding documents.

KMO services are catered to each specific type of community and its operations. Services include enforcement of governing/binding documents, overseeing accounts receivables and payables, assistance with budget & reserves preparation, meeting planning and relationship management.

HOA Associations, click here for specific HOA Documents.